Moneybox Travel

Regulation: The discounts granted in moneybox card are valid for 2 years and can be used for trips above 300€. These discounts are not combinable with other promotions / offers, nor can they be applied in rates, supplements, extra nights, optional visits, excursions, food and room upgrades. There may also be discounts and advantages in other products and services (own or third parties) marketed by Planador Travel. Consult us to know the conditions in force at any moment. They are not valid on products. This card is personal and has a unique sticky number.

This original mode allows the customer to accumulate a certain amount (in €) for a certain period of time, and then use it to purchase our products (travel / stays / flights etc.). With this card, you can deposit a stipulated amount each month in your checking account and you can always redeem that amount according to the regulation, using it to purchase one or more of our products. In this way we can give you a simple and quite gentle way to have your dream vacation. For more information, contact us!

Check Travel

Planador's offer checks provide the perfect gift to offer to a friend, colleague or a special person. Choose the amount and give us the name of the person who will receive the Offer Check. If you want you can also write a personalized message. Possible values: 50 €, 75 €, 100 € 150 €, 200 €, 300 € and 500 €