These General Conditions of Contract are designed to establish the terms and conditions governing the provision of travel services and / or products that the customer has in the access and use of the online store owned by the travel agency Planador Travel and Turismo, Sociedade Unipessoal Lda, headquartered at Av. Escola Fuzileiros Navais, nº 61 r / c esq. - 2830-150 Barreiro, enrolled in the Barreiro Commercial Registry Office, with the unique registration number and legal person number 508 352 860, with RNAVT 2755, (hereinafter referred to as Planador).

The agency is Planador, is responsible for marketing the travel, services and products listed in the online store, its property. The technical organization of the trips and services included in the Planador site is the responsibility of different National and International Tour Operators and Partner Suppliers, so all trips and services are subject to the specific conditions of each of these agents applicable to each purchase.

The conditions described are valid for travel, services and products, however there may be errors or difficulties in the use of the site, so Planador reserves the right to correct or change the information without prior notice.


The client must pay a minimum of 35% of the price of the trip and / or service, and the remaining 65% will be paid up to 21 days before the start of the trip and / or service.

If the reservation / registration request is made 21 days before or before the date of commencement of travel and / or service, the total price of the reservation must be paid at the time of booking / registration.

All booking / registration requests are conditional upon obtaining the supplier's part of the booking confirmation for all services.

If travel and / or service providers impose payment terms different from those stated, these will prevail over previous ones.

Planador reserves the right to cancel any booking / registration request for which payment has not been made under the conditions mentioned above


All purchases can be paid by one of the following means:
- Bank transfer,
- PayPal system.
- Payment at our facilities with debit and credit cards

The payment method is chosen during the purchase process in the corresponding box.

In case of payment by transfer, the customer must provide proof of payment to Glider, otherwise the reservation may be canceled.


The prices quoted are per person and considering a double occupancy, unless otherwise stated.

The prices of travel and services are considered "from" since prices may vary according to dates or change in the conditions in which the agency presents the base price, namely due to availability of airplane classes, room typology, etc.

Reservations are always subject to confirmation of availability and price, and Planador is not responsible for any damages, if the availability and price presented will not be verified. All prices already include VAT at the rate in force.


Reservation prices may change, as these are based on costs and exchange rates at the time of presentation, subject to varying fuel or transportation costs, taxes, chargeable fees and currency fluctuations.

Whenever there is a change in the price of the trip, the customer will be informed and invited to accept the increase verified or cancel their registration in the same terms and conditions as the one under the heading "Impossibility of Compliance"


For each reservation will be charged booking costs according to the pricing in force practiced by the agency, or the operators, and will be provided at the customer's request.

For each change (dates, type of apartment, or room, travel, assignment of registration, etc.) will be charged change fees according to the pricing in force practiced by the agency, or by operators, and will be provided at the customer's request. Changes always require approval from their suppliers. These will not be refundable.


Complaints shall only be considered provided that they are submitted in writing within a period not exceeding 20 days after the end of the provision of services. They can only be accepted as long as they have been participated to the providers of the services (hotels, guides, local agents, etc.) during the course of the trip or stay, and require the corresponding documents proving the occurrence.
Non-delivery of the participation and the documents referred to above constitutes a ground for exonerating the Agency.

In case of a complaint for non-compliance with the contracted services, the client may also request the guarantee provided for under current legislation, and must present the respective complaint to Turismo de Portugal I.P within 20 working days of the end of the trip.

and / or

Under the terms of Law no. 144/2015 of September 8, we inform you that the Client may use the following Alternative Dispute Resolution Entities: Customer Provider of Travel and Tourism Agencies in, Tourism Arbitration Commission of Portugal in or to any of the entities duly indicated in the list available by the Directorate General of the Consumer in whose consultation we advise already.


If it is possible, whenever a client, registered for a given trip, wishes to change his registration for another trip or to another trip from a different date, or any other change, he must pay the respective fee, as changeover expenses. However, when the change takes place 25 days or less in advance of the departure date of the trip for which the customer is registered, or if the service providers do not accept the change, he is subject to the expenses and charges in the section "Withdrawals".

After the commencement of the trip, if requested to change the services contracted for reasons not attributable to the PLANADOR (ex. Extension of the nights of stay, change of flight) the prices of the tourist services may not correspond to those published in and / or in the brochure that motivated the hiring.


Whenever there are other reasons why, Planador or its suppliers may change the order of the routes, modify the departure times or replace any of the hotels provided by others of category and similar location, and inform the client of such change, as soon as possible. knowledge.

If unforeseen circumstances make it necessary to suspend any travel, customers are always entitled to reimbursement of the amounts paid


The client may assign his / her reservation request and be replaced by another person who fulfills all the conditions required for the trip, provided that he informs Glider in writing at least 15 days in advance and that such assignment is accordance with applicable air, sea, rail and land transport regulations.

The assignment of the registration shall be jointly and severally liable for the payment of the travel price and for the additional charges incurred.


When the trip is dependent on a minimum number of participants it reserves the right to cancel the trip if the number of participants reached is less than the minimum expected. In these cases, the client will be informed of the cancellation within 8 days in advance, and in this case there is no civil liability of the agency for termination.


Once the trip has commenced, no refund for unused customer services is due. Failure to provide services provided in the travel program for causes not attributable to the Planador agency or the organizing agency and if substitution by other equivalents is not possible does not give the customer the right to be reimbursed for the difference between the price of the services provided and or actually rendered.


If, due to events attributable to the Planador or its suppliers, they are unable to carry out any essential service included in the travel program, the customer has the right to withdraw from the trip, to be reimbursed of the sums paid or, alternatively, to accept a change and, if necessary, price variation.

If such facts that are not attributable to the Planador or its suppliers may determine the cancellation of the trip, the customer may also choose to participate in another organized trip of equivalent price. If the arranged trip proposed in substitution is of lower price, the customer will be refunded of the respective difference.


The client or any of his / her companions is free to give up or cancel the trip / stay / service at any time, by written communication. Such cancellation implies that it is responsible for the payment of all the charges to which the withdrawal results.

Where applicable, the client will be reimbursed less the following expenses:
- Management expenses, including reserve and / or alteration expenses, that the Planador Agency or the Organizing Agency has had to obtain the reserves and also a value that can go up to twenty percent of the price of the services in question;
- Cancellation expenses not refundable by suppliers (hotels, means of transport, accompanied visits and other services);
- Expenses with air tickets subject to specific conditions that for this reason, can not be reimbursed after issuance.
- Conditions of cancellation of the suppliers for the trip / stay / service in question.


The responsibility of the travel agency presented at, and emerging from the assumed obligations is guaranteed by civil liability insurance at Companhia de Seguros Victória, and by the Tourism and Travel Guarantee Fund (FGVT) from Portugal IP and shall be limited to the maximum amount under the legislation in force.


The customer has an obligation to complain to the entity providing the services at the moment of subtraction, deterioration or destruction of luggage, the complaint must be made in writing to the carrier immediately after the damage is verified.
In the international transport, in case of damage in the luggage, the complaint must be made in writing to the carrier immediately after the verification of the damage, and a maximum of 7 days from its delivery. In case of a delay in the delivery of the luggage, the claim must be made within 21 days from the date of delivery.
The presentation of such a complaint will be an essential basis for triggering the responsibility of Planador, on the entity providing the service.


The client must have in good order his / her personal or family documentation, (citizen's card / identity card, passport, military documentation, authorization for minors, visas, certificate of vaccines and others that may be required). Planador declines any responsibility for refusing to grant visas or not allowing entry to the client in a foreign country; in these cases, the conditions established in the "Withdrawals" clause apply, and the client's account will bear any cost incurred.

Travel in the European Union:
- Customers (irrespective of age) who move within the European Union must have the respective civil identification document (passport; B.I., Citizen's Card);
- To obtain medical assistance they must be holders of the respective European Health Insurance Card;
- Non-EU nationals should consult specific information on the documentation necessary to travel to the embassies / consulates of the countries of origin;

Travel outside the European Union:
- Customers (regardless of age) who are traveling must have the respective civil identification document (passport) as well as the visa if necessary. It should be noted that many countries require that the passport be valid for at least six months from the date of entry into this country. It is the responsibility of the client to obtain information about the need for visas;
- Non-EU nationals should consult specific information on the documentation necessary to travel to the embassies / consulates of the countries of origin.

Minors, when they are not accompanied by those who exercise parental authority, may only enter or leave the national territory with a written authorization, dated and signed by those who exercise the parental authority recognized by law.

In the case of minors, the Personal Certificate is not considered a valid document to travel abroad.


Travel documentation will be delivered to customers in one of the following ways:
- E-mail address, in which case it will be sent in electronic format to the customer's email address, or to another email address, indicated in writing by the customer;
- In our facilities in paper format;
- Sent to the address indicated in writing by the customer (in this case, shipping costs are added).


The present general conditions will be complemented by any other specific and particular of the trips and / or services.

These general conditions may be supplemented by any other conditions, provided that they are duly agreed by the parties.

The prices of the programs may be based on the quotation of another currency other than the Euro, so any relevant derivation of this currency may imply a revision of the prices of the trip in the terms of the clause - Price Change. Due to the constant changes in the price of fuel over the prices charged, there may be a change in the fuel surcharge inserted in the price in the terms of the clause - Price Change.

The categories of hotels and cruises follow the quality standards of the host country and may be changed by similar ones when, for reasons beyond the control of the agency, it is not possible to maintain or confirm the existing reservation, and the agency is obliged to inform the client that you are aware of.

To safeguard against possible errors the valid prices will be only those that are communicated in writing in the confirmation of reservation of the requested services.

Planador reserves the right to revise the pages or withdraw access to them at any time.

Planador online store has links to websites that are owned or operated by third parties. When you use links to these third-party sites, you should review and accept the rules of that site before using it. You must also agree that Planador does not control the content of those sites and can not assume any responsibility for the materials created or published by those third party sites