Planador is a tourism company that opened its doors in 2008.

You have a new team that is firmly committed to selling all products in a transparent and top quality way.

We have all the possibilities, so that travel and enjoy with quality and at a minimum price of all the pleasures of a trip.

Planador is a company of qualified professionals that gives the customer the best alternative for their vacations and / or business trip. Since its founding of the GEA Group - independent agencies. It has an installed base of suppliers a wide spectrum so as to be able to guarantee all facets of this business. In addition to the traditional tourist products we present offers for a new generation, new financial products and we also have direct partnerships with some of the best hotels in the sector.

RNAVT - National Register of Travel and Tourism Agencies - Nº 2755

Based on this premise, we have a series of possibilities for the client to make the best financial management of their vacation / trip, so that they have the best ratio, quality / price.
Are they :
- The Trip check;
- The Travel Piggy Bank;